Thursday, September 11, 2008

Sorry...a little delay

Just so you don't think I have completely fallen off the face of the earth I thought a would write a brief post. The weather has been exceptionally gloomy...reminds me a lot of Seattle. Overcast almost every day and a little drizzle now and then. I just wish it was as green as it is in Seattle. I would enjoy it more if it was. But...because it has been that way I finally have accomplished something that makes me feel like I am not completely out of the loop. I read the Twilight series. Yes, you heard that correctly. The anti-modern literature fan has actually read them. And they weren't bad. They were a quick read, and believe it or not, hard to put down. I am not going to give you the honest truth and tell you how fast I really read is quite sad. However, I am interested in seeing how the movie plays out with the book. With that being said, now it is on to the important things. Next week I should have some pictures up for you and recipes. Have a good week!


  1. I would have to agree--the weather this week has been quite gloomy. PERFECT for reading a book though. I am dying to talk to you about the series. AND to find out HOW fast you did read all 4 books?????haha

    PS: Can't wait for dinner Sunday. Lets just cross our fingers there won't be anymore sick sicks ehh??

  2. I can't believe you read the books...really I can't...but glad you did. I have to admit when it was suggested to me (the series that is) and they described it as "this book about a chick who loves a vampire..." I was not at all intrested. But I gave in due to curiousity and I'll admit LOVE the series.

    I agree about the weather, if its going to be all drab and drizzle outside at least let it be as green as Seattle and have cool places to go like there...

  3. I am laughing!!! I can't believe you read them!! I loved them, four wasn't my fav, thats for sure, but the rest were a great read! Im always open to a great read, especially on a gloomy day!! too bad the kiddos won't let me curl up and read when I want!! good to see you haven't fallen off the face yet!!! Look Out Below!!!