Friday, October 4, 2013

Random thoughts

Taylor had a project in science last week where he was to create a poster board of minerals.  He needed actual pictures taken for this project (supposedly you couldn't just take them off the web) and so I took a few of things we had.

So here's one example.  They were all done in the same manner, my holding the item with my left hand, snapping with my right hand, in terrible early the day of assignment due lighting, and this what he got.  No creativity on my part and pretty boring.  Not much to focus on except the item itself.

But instead of focusing on the said item, do you want to know what Taylor came home and told me?  All the kids asked if you were goth Mom because of your nail polish.  


Now at first I laughed it off but then it got me thinking.  Do we categorize someone that easily?  Is is really so easy for us to look at someone, notice something about they way they are dressed, or the way their hair is done, or what their size might be, that we don't even hesitate to immediately put them into a category?  We might not be as vocal as the youth of today, but we most certainly think it, don't we?

It is easy for us to see someone and immediately ASSUME they not affluent or they are based on what clothes they are wearing.  It is easy for us to ASSUME  that someone might be a certain orientation because of their physical appearance.  It is easy to ASSUME someone might be lazy if they are overweight or anorexic if they are really skinny.  It is easy to ASSUME a lot of things. And although we may not say it vocally, thinking about it is just as bad, isn't it?

And for that there are times I fall significantly short of controlling my personal thoughts.  And, there are times when my vocal expression has affected not the person or situation, but has in fact effected the way my children think.

I know I am not the only one.  It is inherent in each one of us.  Deny it if you want, but the truth is that we all find it so much easier to look at other people and judge than judging our self.

I just hope it's not too late to be a better example to my children because I can handle that I have failed myself, but I don't want to fail my children.

Especially the ones destined to become a super hero.

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