Monday, April 15, 2013

Back to Life...

Come on now, sing the rest of the song...back to reality.  I am back from my wonderful trip to St. Lucia that I took with my dear friend Chelsea.  We had such a great time.  The food, the people, the scenery were all perfect.  I could have stayed another 10 days, which generally I enjoy about a week and am then ready to try somewhere different.  That sure wasn't the case here.  In fact, I am ready to go back.  How about you Chels?

One thing before you move on to the is my shout out to Matt Damon.  I am glad we went the week before your supposed million dollar vow renewal ceremony.  Personally, I don't get the the need to renew your vows, because that is something that you should work on every day.  But instead of a religious dissertation about marriage, let's talk about what I hope you did.  I HOPE you gave to the island as much as they gave to you.  I HOPE you took the time to visit local restaurants.  I HOPE you visited road side stands and bought a bunch or two of bananas.  I HOPE you hired a local boy or two to water taxi you and your entourage around.  I HOPE you bought a piece of jewelry or two for your children and your wife from someone trying to sell it to you..or better yet, had them make you one while you sat on the beach of your $1500 night hotel room.  I HOPE you let someone sell you a bamboo animal or two.  And I HOPE that the vacationers who probably have saved for years for a trip like this were able to enjoy Sugar Beach even though you were there too.  I can tell you that in all my interactions with people on the island, there was great excitement about your visit, as well as the other celebrities that were supposedly going to be there too.  In fact, I can't remember an interaction in which is wasn't mentioned.  In closing, Mr. Damon, I REALLY HOPE you didn't let them down. Sincerely, Me.

Here are a few pictures that aren't on my photography website...


Cold!  But not as cold as a Wyoming one!

Making my own chocolate bar

Grafting a cocoa tree...someday there will be a Ginnie tree in their vineyard

The Pitons

A reminder about how blessed I am

Beautiful water

Our go go gadget car.  Seriously thought this baby wasn't going to make it up a few hills.

Hiking Pigeon Point.

Water taxi's are the way to go!

Castries Market

Alfred making our bowls.  And he climbed up the tree to get us fresh coconuts!

Relaxing on the beach

Getting our mud on


  1. Wow ginnne! Looks like some fun trips lately! I can see you're really honing in on those photography skills. The pics look great!

  2. Love the pictures. Looks like you had a wonderful time. The sun, the sand - so jealous!