Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Restaurant Review

Well, it really isn't a restaurant, but more of a bakery.  Before I start my review, let me just get this out.  CUPCAKES ARE WAY OVERDONE!!!  Enough of the madness!  Everybody thinks they have the best cupcake so they open a cupcake shop.  Rant over.

Anyways, despite my thoughts on the subject McKay and I had a girls day on Monday and I thought to end it I would take her to the new Scratch Cupcakery that recently opened.

They looked good, so I thought I'd get a dozen, call it a cheat day and share a few with the family.

The cupcakes were very dense, but moist.  Being moist is about the most praise I can give them.  A cupcake is supposed to be moist, but light enough to bite through without it getting stuck on the roof of your mouth.  It should be able to hold an ample amount of frosting, while maintaining the precious balance of being soft with a slight crumb.  These missed the mark I am afraid.  The vanilla had good flavor, but the chocolate was bland and feel significantly short.

There may be a few who disagree, but the frosting is the best part...or at least is should be.  This frosting, albeit a claim to buttercream, was anything but.  It almost tasted as if it was a combination of butter, margarine and lard.  The flavors were very mild, especially the fruit based ones.  The chocolate one had too strong of coffee undertone so you really couldn't enjoy the chocolate anyway.  But no amount of flavor will help a bad base frosting to begin with.  Really, just plain terrible in the frosting department.

My recommendation is to not bother or waste your money.

I have never been a big fan of the Sprinkles in LA, have enjoyed a few from Magnolia Bakery in New York, but the BEST I have had, by far, are from the SweetTooth Fairy in Provo, UT.  Seriously, this lady KNOWS how to do cupcakes...and they mail order.  

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  1. You made me hungry! :) Even if they weren't good they look good! (PS there's a pretty yummy cupcake shop in the Plaza....just sayin'!)