Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Lessons Learned

I have my hands in many pots.  And that is okay.  Obviously you can only have one hand in one pot at a time, but since I own 30 plus pieces of cookware I guess I should find a way to use them all at the same time, right?

No, but I can use them simultaneously...right?  So here I am venturing into more picture taking, as well as continuing to cook.

Recently you may have noticed that ALL of my pictures disappeared.  So, slowly, I have been going back to each post and reimporting the pictures (thanks Erica for the tip).  I have had to make them smaller, then save them into a different folder, then import them.

Good times.

Because of this little issue, I also realized that I post a lot about food, which then in turn takes more time to edit when I am doing the kids annual memory books.  I also have been more diligently eating gluten free and/or paleo MOST of the time, along with some experimenting and adapting, and I thought it would be fun to share the recipes...because honestly, some of them are too good not to share.  Therefore I am adding another blog to my list.  The pictures blog is now joined by the food blog.  Not because I think I am expert in either of those two areas...well, at least in the pictures anyway, but because it is SO much easier to do it that way.

So make sure you check out the links on the right.  And maybe, just maybe, I won't use all my storage this way too.

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