Sunday, December 9, 2012

A teenager. Wow.

I guess you really start to feel 40 when you have a child turn into a teenager.  Well, not quite 40, but next year I will be.  And so far I wasn't feeling like 39 was too bad.  Until my oldest turned 13 anyway.  Now I feel old.


Holy cow.  How did that happen so fast?

He came into this world at 9 pounds 1 ounce with a little bit of red hair.  Today he weighs 96 pounds and is still my precious red head.

He's a little sad that his birthday is on a Sunday, but he did get to choose his favorite breakfast, crepes, and he wants to open his presents today.  He gets to invite a few friends for a sleepover next weekend so more pictures to come!

13 things I think make him great

1.  He is kind.  He tries to be kind to others and is more than patient (most of the time) with his annoying (most of the time) siblings.

2.  He likes to try new things.  He rarely says no when I make something in the kitchen, and I love that he is adventurous when it comes to eating.  My little gourmand.

3.  On that note, I love that most likely he can out cook anyone his age.

4.  He puts a lot of thought into things he does for others.  

5.  He loves the Yankees...of his own accord.  I mean, anybody who loves the Yankees has an automatic in with me.

6.  He has the cutest dimple and a great smile.

7. He was born in South Dakota but he is Wyoming through and through.  He loves anything to do with guns, mountains and animals.

8.  He puts his mind to something and he does it.  

9.  He cares about those who are less fortunate.  He expresses concern when he notices someone doesn't have something that they need.

10.  He has great handwriting and drawing.  He is quite a talented artist.

11.  He has, and this just isn't a proud mother speaking, amazing pitching form.  And has since he was about 8.  Sorry for the bragging moment, but I have heard it from more than one opposing coach.  And he needs to hear that because baseball is his life.

12.  He will talk to me.  I love that he knows that I will listen to him about anything.  There is no topic off limits.  I hope he continues to know that.  I will always listen.

13.  He wants to do whats right.  And I hope that the desire to do so will keep him anchored as he faces many challenges ahead.  Just remember Taylor...decide now that not only do you want to do what is right, but that you WILL do what is right.

I love you Tater bug.  More than you will ever know.

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  1. What a sweet boy! Sounds like you've done good, Mom!
    And it could be worse for you. My mom was a Grandma at 39 :)