Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Out to eat!

We went to dinner for the last time with our dear friends the McKellar's before their journey takes them back west.

They chose Baru 66 to dine.  And as usual, it did not disappoint.

Amuse Bouche.  A delicious "amusement for the mouth", this gazpacho was a perfect precursor to an excellent meal.

We all ended up having the Menu de Chef.  Emily chose the La Quercia Potato Gnocchi.  The gnocchi was quickly sauteed, allowing for a semi crisp exterior and a perfectly soft interior.  The walnut oil and the prosciutto complimented the dish wonderfully.

The St. Jacques.  A summer risotto with truffle and scallops was absolutely divine and, in my opinion, out shined everything else.  The rich risotto was perfectly al dente, scallops moist and the slivers of truffle accented the dish without overwhelming it.

The John Dory.  A nice white, semi firm fillet with caper, brown butter and herbs.  This was topped with summer baby vegetables and a beet puree.  While the fish and accompaniments were lovely, and as much as it pains me to say this considering my love affair with beets, they did not compliment one another.  The beet was a little bitter and took away the wonderful flavors of the fish.  Fortunately the beet was on the site and did not affect the whole dish.

Emily has the duck, which I am sure many of you are surprised I did not get, but it was excellent, cooked to a perfect medium rare.

Of course I got the dessert sampler.  The stand outs were the Mixed Berry sorbet and the Fondant au Chocolat. 

The regular Fondant au Chocolat.

The Crepes Suzette.  Wonderful.  Wonderful. Wonderful.  And an excuse for Mormon's to have liquor!

(If you are offended by that, please don't ever order another chocolate dessert in a restaurant, or bake anything sweet.  Peace out.)

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