Monday, March 26, 2012

Sunday drive

We overslept Sunday.  We were worn out, tired, and just plain overslept.  Not a great excuse, but an excuse nonetheless.  So we missed church.  And the only way we could think of keeping the Sabbath a little more holy was by taking a drive to see some of God's beautiful creation...the heartland.  

We searched for some scenic by-ways and ended up following the Lincoln Highway Heritage Byway.  There are groups doing quite a lot to resurrect this method of travel for a seemingly lost generation.  They have an interpretive center that is in the process of being built by Grand Junction and we met some lovely LHB representatives who mentioned that they purchased a building to house a museum there as well.  You travel along some dirt roads, go through small towns and some bigger towns and see things of a lost era.

My kids favorite???

It was a tie between these two.

An old gas station, fully intact...with gas at the bargain price of .46 cents a gallon.

And a phone booth...yes, they do still have a few of these around!  Cost?  .5 and .10 per call.  I still remember when they went up from .10 to .25 cents.  Anybody else remember that?

For a while we almost thought we were in Wyoming at Kyle's parents home...

Then we realized it wasn't Marie out burning because the Cody Fire Department wasn't there!  Ha!

See, I told you we were tired...

Seeing a long train...such excitement!!!

I can see why they call the Midwest the Heartland.  Our trip had beautiful rolling hills, unexpected familiarity and simple beauty.  Go drive Iowa!

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