Monday, March 26, 2012

And help!

McKay is pretty sufficient.  In fact, Kyle and I have always been surprised at how well she does things and learns things on her own, which compared to the boys, seems light years away.  She potty trained early, put on her own clothes earlier, does chores without being told and was determined to learn to ride her bike on her own.  The training wheels came off last year, but she was too interested in it until a couple of weeks ago.  (To the boys credit, they learned without training wheels at a much younger age, Grant was a little under 2 1/2 and Taylor was almost 4)

And she's off.  She has gotten pretty confident and is doing really well.  We just have to remind her to put on her helmet.

I need to try to learn something too...

And finally, little Mr. Worker...

Rain...and a broom.

Rain...and a shovel.

Rain...and a stick.

Rain...and an ice scraper.

Rain...and a brush.

Well, at least he is not afraid to work.  Love this little precious helper!

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