Friday, October 21, 2011


So, I am FINALLY getting to sit and post about Chicago.  Great time with a great friend, great food, not so great race.  Lesson learned.  IT band injuries suck.  SUCK I tell you.  And do you want to know what is really awesome?  It has almost been two weeks and the fluid is STILL so significant that my IT is visibly prominent.  Go big or go home I say.

Chicago has some amazing architecture.

Buckingham Fountain.

Perfect day for sailing.

Where the race starts...and finishes.

Excellent steak and frites at the Custom House.

Race expo.  My favorite sign of the race?  "Do Epic Shit".  Sorry for the bad word, but it was at mile 13 and it was perfect timing...made you laugh and forget that you still had 13 miles to go.

Never would have done this, but..gluten free pasta with a tomato basil sauce and goat cheese.  Yes goat cheese, and it was excellent!

Would have loved to visit here in the real hayday.


So much funner to look at the river when it is green, but this will have to do.

It really doesn't look like it is 103 stories to fall, does it?

Yes, I was totally freaking out.

Boring place to shop but a fun picture.

Bijon Bistro...yes please.  Baked brie...

Roasted Portobello tartine...

Honestly, the best salad I think I have ever had.  Romaine, almonds, shredded chicken, dates, goat cheese, and honey/dill mustard dressing.

Before the torture...I mean race.

You can't see this as good, but notice the right hand IT evident compared to the indent on the left.  

Saganaki.  That is all I need to say, except for OPA!

Lamb me to heaven...

Dolmade me all day...

Gyro a day keeps the doctor away.

BEST...MACARON...and yes, I tried about five different places.

The only shopping I did...

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