Monday, June 20, 2011

I'm ANGRY...

Not really angry, but I love me some Angry....Angry Beef that is.  So I decided to visit Cool Basil, a wonderful little Thai restaurant never disappoints.  And once again, it was excellent.  I had forgotten how good their Angry dish really was.

Angry Beef...this lovely combination of beef, basil, peppers, mushrooms, green beans and carrots were the accompaniment to a wonderfully smooth and spicy sauce.  I love both the initial heat combination of  fresh chiles and the dried as well.  The basil is essential in this dish, it gives just the right amount of cooling, almost sweet spice to the heat of the peppers.  The vegetables choices are perfect because they absorb the sauce perfectly without being too mild or mushy.  This is a dish that unless you leave with flakes of chili in your teeth it isn't done right.  I'll have mine hot please...and yes, I got a really funny look when I asked for hot.  But I think there were really impressed when I left with only drinking half of my glass of water.

Pad Thai...rice noodles with a lovely peanut fish sauce.  I choose chicken for mine, which were perfectly cooked thin slices.  With a lime, some ground peanuts and two cabbages on the side this dish is perfect.  The best in town, in my opinion.  And even though I couldn't possibly eat both dishes, you can't go to a Thai restaurant and not order the Pad.  You just can't!

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