Sunday, May 8, 2011

A whole bunch of pictures.

I am sure you are getting tired of hearing that we are busy...we are.  But here is a pictureorama of the happenings in our lives that last couple of weeks.

Taylor had his fifth grade concert.  Obviously talking to a friend is a little more fun than singing.

Hinckley loves to get in the cupboards.  I can't tell you how many times a day I put back the tupperware and kids dishes.  Good times I tell you.

Our neighborhood has an annual flashlight Easter egg hunt.  It was a little cool, but the kids had a great time.  McKay loved her little eggs full of candy and was kind enough to try and share with Hinckley.  Luckily I caught her in time.

McKay and I spent an afternoon coloring eggs.  She just got a new apron and was excited to wear it.  I even bought a matching one!

Hinckley got a new bath toy.  I think he liked the cardboard more than the toy...but the kid LOVES his baths so maybe he will learn to like the toy.

Hinckley LOVES to be outside.  He wants to be out with the big boys.  The minute the boys get home from school he is ready to go out with them.  He does NOT like being left behind when they race back out the door.  

Ahh bath time.  If he hears the bath water he comes running!  (well, not literally running, but crawling pretty darn fast.  He has NO DESIRE to walk because he knows Mom will carry him if he cries.  Just a tad spoiled he is!)

And finally, the other day McKay brought home the treat bucket for preschool.  We were out in the yard and I happened to see her with it, not thinking anything about it.  I continued working in the garden and then next time I saw her she didn't have it.  At that point she proceeded to ask me if she could have a frog.  I told her no and after a discussion about why frogs aren't allowed in Mom's house she went on her merry little way.  WELL...later that day (and we are talking a few hours) I was sitting at my desk thinking about what I would make for her treat.  I decided to get the bucket and look at the suggestion list on the lid.  As I grabbed the bucket, it felt a little heavy, so I opened it.  I am quite sure you can figure out the rest.  In the bucket, with the lid completely closed, was this frog.  Fortunately for him, he survived!  She is such a tom-boy!  She must have brothers.


  1. Cute pictures-Did you do frog legs for treats?

  2. wow--Hinckley's hair really is getting long! He is looking so grown up!

  3. This whole post cracked me the frog story. hope you disinfected that well before you put snacks in. eww...and Max does the EXACT thing when the boys get home. SCREAMS if they go outside without him. SCREAMS! So cute. I love reading your blog