Wednesday, May 11, 2011

More pictures...

I spaced syncing my iPhone when I did the last update, so here are a few more pictures...and a teary moment.

The teary moment of the week...Hinckley is now big enough to sit in a forward facing seat.  He isn't quite a year, but he weighs 24 pounds.  He was a little big for his other carseat, but I just wasn't ready to move him up.  *sigh* My little guys is just growing way too fast.

Spent a nice Saturday watching Taylor play in a tournament.  They won it, despite a setback. I guess they added a team, we didn't know and as such ended forfeiting a game Saturday evening.  The organizer tried to set things right, but the coaches of the other teams voted against it so they had a triple header on Sunday.  And won!  Taylor did not play, as we honor the Sabbath, and I truly believe that things turned out because we did what was right. 

Two VERY tired little ones after the day at the ballpark.

We had a picnic at the park yesterday.  As many of you Iowans know, it was a record temperature day.  We had plans before we knew it was going to be so hot, but we managed to enjoy a few, and I mean few, minutes on the swing.  My little babes were hot!  Glad for the heat, but not the humidity.  Needless to say, Mr. Hinckley loves the swing.

A little cool off today, which is nice.  Right now it is 74 and perfect...unless you have allergies, then, not so much.  By Friday it is supposed to be 59 degrees.  Perfect to transplant  some tomatoes, herbs, and peppers in the garden.  With the heat, quite a few things are progressing.  You should see all my strawberries.  Now if we could just have sunshine while they are growing so they are sweet this year!

Need to get a 6 mile run in today, and prepare for a big 10 miler on Saturday.  Feels good to be back into running longer distances.  And I am not pushing it, because, as you might recall, the last thing I want to do it break my foot 11 days before the Dam to Dam.  I'll wait for speed work when I am training for the marathon that I am doing in October.

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  1. Great pics Ginnie. How did that little man of yours grow up so fast?? Looks like you have been staying busy and enjoying yourselves too :)