Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Fun, Friends and Curly Hair

I know you will be shocked, SHOCKED, to hear this, but...we are busy!  BIZ-ZY.  With someone having baseball practice and/or games every night of the week and Saturdays it seems that our day goes by in a flash.

Despite our hectic lives, we have had some fun.

McKay, Hinckley and I spent a day with McKay's BFF Kate and her Mom at the Science Center for Kate's birthday.  Kate is almost two months older than McKay.  Emily and I often joke that neither one of us can move because it would devastate our little darlings.  

My dear friend Angie came into town during her Spring Break for a visit.  She is my food buddy and runny buddy.  Our other dear friend Susan joined us for a day out and we had a blast.  Lunch at Big City Burgers and Greens (odd name but it was delicious!  My recommendation is the Garden burger and onion rings), followed by shopping, pedicures and dinner at Trostel's Dish (Choices this night?  Brussels Sprouts, Duck Quesadilla {Excellent!}, Individual Nachos, Pommes Frites {the best in town}, Arancini, Tuna Tataki,  Lemon & Roasted Garlic Hummus {again, Excellent!} and the Dessert Sampler.  Hello, my name is Ginnie, and I am addicted to good food.

Guess which adorable little boy is a curly q?  Yes, my little man is sporting some really cute curls.  I am in shock and awe.  Taylor has about 5 cowlicks, Grant has moppy, straight hair, McKay hair is thin and constantly full of rats.  Imagine my surprise when I started to notice little curls on my darling baby boy.  So cute...

Lastly, if you know McKay, you know that this is SO her.  While at the ballpark we ran into our friends who have a cute little spoiled dog named Moose.  (Does not fit his size, but definitely fits his personality.)  McKay loves dogs so she was eager to get Moose's leash and take him for a walk.  She did great for a while but then decided that carrying him around was more fun.  Needless to say, Moose wasn't as thrilled about that idea.  But he was a good sport and I am sure he is still recovering and probably cowers ANYTIME he gets near the playground...or little girls with red hair!

It is supposed to be another beautiful day, so we are off to play in the beautiful outdoors.  Yeah for spring weather, boo for the next 10 days forecast.  I am ready for spring to stay!


  1. I love the curly hair. Dallin's is curly just like Katelyn's used to be so I have a soft spot in my heart for curly qs :)

  2. I LOVE the curls...loved seeing them in person on Friday too. :)