Monday, March 28, 2011


Despite being in the sick house, this little guy is generally pretty happy.  This was one of the times he didn't have a bunch of goop coming out of his nose, or coughing up one of his lungs, or running a high fever.

There isn't anything that will keep him from his lady love...

A quick snowstorm provided for hours of entertainment and the perfect snowman...

Stairs, stairs and more stairs.  There is always a first time.  Hinckley was my first one to fall off the bed and now has the esteemed title of being the first to fall down the stairs.  Luckily I caught him as he came tumbling down.  He was at the top, I was at the bottom and he fell four stairs.  I still can't believe he is okay with the way his body was falling.  I still get literally sick thinking about it.  IT WAS AWFUL WATCHING AND FEELING ALMOST HELPLESS until I got to him.  There are no doubts that the Lord was watching over him.

I was wondering when it would happen.  It happened with the other three so it was only natural to assume it would happen with the fourth.  Yep, Hinckley finally fell asleep in the super saucer.  Which IS a surprise because this babe will only sleep (good anyway) in his crib.

He has a lady love and now a new favorite toy.  Who needs blocks, trains and cars when you have....a high chair!!!

So...I bet you can't guess our plans this week...Starts with a b and ends with ball.  But, on a high note, my love for the underdog has put me in first for my March Madness bracket!!


  1. Did that big knocker come from the trip down the stairs? Poor little guy.

  2. I see that baseball truly has taken over your life. This is the longest your blog has ever gone without an update. I can't talk!

  3. I cannot believe I missed reading this one about the stairs...I remember seeing the pic of him sleeping in the exersaucer. I LOVE the pic. But I must have skimmed on by the stairs comment. I am glad he was okay