Sunday, February 13, 2011


I hoped we would have at least one.  I knew that Kyle and I were not musically talented in any shape or form, but I still had hopes.  (Unless you count knowing any 80's song within 6 notes musical talent, that is.)  And finally I feel as if my hopes are dreams have been answered.

I expect a letter of intent from Julliard any day now.

This week has been quite FUN at the Coleman house.  It started off Saturday night after Kyle and I came home from a dinner date with our great friends the McKellar's to the ever fabulous Trostel's Dish.  Can you say 16 tapas plates?  Yes, we did and yes, it was worth it.  However, my only complaint about Dish is that the staff and chefs should learn how to better serve each plate so the flavors compliment one another and lead to the next dish.  Always ask for the Truffled Macaroni and Cheese first.  

Anyways, we came home to a very sick Grant, who then ran a fever and was sick for Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.  Of course, Tuesday after school Taylor mentioned that he was "cold" all day and then his fever spiked in the middle of the night, thus keeping him home all day Wednesday and Thursday.  (He missed his Valentine's Party and is convinced with absolute certainty that he has the WORST LUCK EVER!)  Wouldn't you know, around comes Friday and guess who has chills?  Yep, me.  And I am finally feeling like it is on the way out.  So I missed church today (and giving a talk about "Feasting on the Scriptures", which I am saddened about but my talked was moved forward to the 27th) and I haven't been out of the house in over a week.  I am going crazy.  Crazy I tell you.   

Somehow I managed to put every ounce of crafty talent to good use in helping Grant with his Valentine's box...and I am pretty impressed with what I came up with.

McKay and I worked on hers tonight but my energy is zapped and I didn't come up with anything grand.  Just a bag with a bunch of pictures...I hope she won't end up saying her life was ruined because her Mom didn't make her a cool Valentine's day box for her preschool party.

And this little guy is standing here and there, standing everywhere.  And he is now sporting two little bottom teeth that have come through this week.

Other than that, we are hoping that the illnesses are gone for good.  We are expecting spring like weather here this week (hooray for open windows and some serious spring cleaning), a couple baseball practices, PTO meetings, Scouts, a new do and planting some seeds should round it out.

Yeah for nice weather!  And the boys back to riding their bikes to school!!

TTFN.  (I totally rock the 80's)

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