Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Mission Accomplished

What do you get when you have the following?

51 in the first hour, 3 of which are new ones
51 in the second hour
You could wear fatigues or a dress
Any guesses?

Well, friends, it is our lovely Primary!
Yes you heard right.  We have a whopping 51 children in Junior Sharing Time, and three classes of Sunbeams.  We also have 51 children in Senior Sharing Time.
And I have one counselor who seriously questioned, based on last year's first Sunday of the year, whether or not she should wear fatigues.
Despite the many anxious worries and sometimes fretful thoughts about the upcoming year, I have to say that it turned out better than I thought.  We only had a couple of little criers who soon stopped and were excited to be there.  The classes changes went off pretty smooth and I didn't get any emails from teachers request release.  Yep, I think we nailed it!
Now on to round any of you know who have ever served in Primary, it usually takes a few months for the new changes to get worked out, but I am hopeful...and very prayerful.  What can I say, I have great counselors and great children!
Plus, I think this year is going to be extra special.  The theme for Primary this year is "I Know The Scriptures are True".  I love it.  If you can help a child grow their testimony about the scriptures, anything is possible!  ANYTHING!

How about you, do you know the scriptures are true?


  1. Yay for us! And yes, I know the scriptures are true too.

  2. I am glad that huge primary is in such good hands!