Sunday, January 16, 2011


I am pretty stoked about tomorrow.  

First, it is now the middle of January, which means that 83% of the people whose New Year's Resolution was to workout will now be broken.  That means the gym won't be overly crowded anymore.  Woo hoo for under achievers!  (Don't be crab, I've broken my share of them too.)

AND...No school, which in the Coleman house means...

Free Child Labor Day.  And based on the previous post I can can guarantee that there won't be any time to fight because they will be too busy at Coleman Boot Camp to start any scuffles...and if they do you will be seeing two red head boys running laps around the house.

Yep, definitely maintaining my status as "Meanest Mom in the World".


  1. I'm so with you!! I couldn't get a treadmill OR eliptical before BodyPump today! Go eat cheesecake people!! :)