Friday, December 3, 2010

Letgo the Eggo

Many of you may know that I enjoy making a nice, hot breakfast to send my kids off to school.  However, there are some days that my timing just doesn't work out.  (Or maybe a non sleeping baby had something to do with that.)  Here is a little tip that seems to work for me.

First let me say that Eggo's are ghastly...gross...disgusting.  It takes less than 15 minutes to make your own batch of waffles, or triple batch for that matter.  And what do we do with all of the extra?  Freeze them for those mornings when you want to cook the right thing, don't have the right time, and don't want to end up feeding them the wrong thing.

Make a larger batch of waffles.  Freeze them individually on a sheet pan for about 20-30 minutes, allowing them to harden enough to put them into a freezer safe 2 gallon bag without loosing form.  Reheating is where the trick is at.  Most of the time, people either put their waffles into the microwave to heat.  I, however, personally prefer not to eat a soggy mess for breakfast.  Others put it into the toaster but overcook them because it takes a few rounds to get them reheated.  (Now some of you may already do this, but every time I tell someone about it, they have never tried it).  Microwave the waffle for about 20 seconds for regular size, 30 seconds for Belgium size.  Then put them in the toaster on the lowest setting possible to crisp up without over cooking.  Depending on your toaster, this could take one or two times to crisp it just like it came out of the waffle iron!  Now you have a quick and easy solution for a warm breakfast without resorting to a cardboard box item.  Make sure you push as much air out of the storage bag as you can.  I would use them within 3 months.

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