Monday, August 9, 2010

Slow week

This past week wasn't too bad.  The boys had a camp every afternoon so McKay, Hinckley and I got to spend a lot of time together.  We made cookies (chocolate chip, oatmeal chocolate chip and oreos), played games, painted, built lego castles and went to breakfast and lunch with Daddy.  McKay also made her first trip to Build a Bear workshop...$70.00 later and we have talking Mikayla complete with pajamas, slippers, outfit, ruby shoes, and sleeping bag.

I have mentioned before that Hinckley isn't a big fan of the pacifier.  He will take it, but only when "forced".  Here is what he prefers to do with it.  The first picture he was smiling while he was was so darn cute!!

We took the kids to the DRIVE IN...yes, you heard me.  Newton is the place to go for a great movie experience.  The boys had not been to one and I fondly recall going to the drive in while I was growing up.  It is such a great deal...two movies for the price of one.  We definitely will be watching the upcoming movie list to make another trip over to Newton. 

This is a getting ready for school week for our family.  Grant has inherited the Coleman eyesight virus so he will be making a trip to the eye doctor, Taylor needs to go get a trumpet for his first day of school, the boys are having their last summer sleepover tonight, and then we all pack for vacation.  Hinckley and I will be...leavingggg...onnnn a jet plane...for Utah.  

My dear friend Laurie's daughter is getting married in the Salt Lake Temple.  Her daughter was our babysitter while we were in law if that doesn't make me feel old I don't know what would.  

 Kyle decided that instead of him joining me (because you can fly to other parts of the world for about $150 more than you can fly to Utah!!!!) he is taking the other three on a road trip to visit his sister.  I have to say that I am not too sad about missing that trip...time with his sister yes, the drive, not so much!

Hinckley and I are staying with a famous author who happens to be my brother-in-law and his family.  I am excited to see them too.  They are gracious enough to host us and help me while I am at the temple for the ceremony.  Hopefully I can convince them to hit a few restaurants while I am there...any recommendations???

Have a great week.

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