Friday, July 2, 2010

Check out my summer list

It has been a while since I posted about things I need...must have...can't live without items.

 There really isn't much that I can live without that doesn't come from here.  You can find that list here.

I would normally have a few items from Ann Taylor and White House/Black Market but since I am carrying a few extra pounds from little Mr. Hinckley I find it hard to spend money on clothes that will be temporary.  So I just avoid the temptation and stock pile my "mad cash" for the day when I am back to my normal weight.

So what can't I live without?  Nothing.  What do I want?  

 A pedicure every couple of weeks (so far, so good), a nice massage, a personal trainer (having a feeling that this weight is going to be a lot harder to get off for some reason), to start running (get to start Monday, woo hoo!!!), the kids to learn not to wake a sleeping baby, the babies room done (I won't EVEN go into Kyle's garage cleaning spree in which the time he spent doing it would have finished Hinckley's room...yeah, I'm ticked!), to lay in the hammock for a few hours uninterrupted, two trees that are shading my garden to be cut down, and a dozen Macarons from La Mie.  Not too much too ask, is it?

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  1. I am totally down with the pedicures every few weeks. Wouldn't that be nice??? I like your summer list.

    PS: Thanks for your comment, we are doing just fine. Challenging times lay ahead, but I guess you just gotta roll with it right?? A couple of the resident's from his program have offered to help out when they can for driving him around, and the rest...well...we will make due. Dinner at your house however...would greatly cheer us all up!