Monday, June 8, 2009

Schools out for the summer.....

McKay and I really enjoyed our last week of quiet, well relatively quiet, before the boys got out of school for the summer. She is such a princess!

The first couple days of the week it rained but McKay and I enjoyed a few intense games of Hi-Ho Cherry O! I can't believe how much she loves this game. She picked it out at the store and wants to play it all of the time.

The weather finally decided to cooperate and we got to enjoy playgroup at the park. However, McKay at first didn't want to participate so she sat in the car while I was eating my lunch. She starting honking the horn and I finally had to go get her. WELL, that should have been a clue. I thought she was just doing it to be funny. When I got to the car she had gone potty in her underwear...on the drivers side. Two lessons learned. One, when the horn starts a honking, listen. Two, an unused pullup in the car is a great substitute for paper towels to clean up a little puddle!

I had the first fruits of my labor with a friend. We had some microgreens and spinach for a nice lunch. Microgreens with fried prosciutto, garlic chives, brie, roma tomato and maple mustard vinaigrette.

The last day of school we went to some friends for our annual "Rootbeer floats". I am so glad the weather was nice and the kids enjoyed a bunch of ice cream to celebrate their freedom. I still remember the great water/shaving cream fights we had on the last day of school at good 'ol Sanders Park. Boy were those the days. They were a blast!

Kyle was a little frustrated that I am putting so much effort into the garden and keep neglecting the flowers out front. As I was pulling down a hanging basket I saw a bird quickly fly away and this is what I found. Now I know why I don't water! The last time I peeked there were five eggs in there!

Finally, we had some good friends over for smores on Friday night. Their son decided to strip down to get in the kiddie pool and McKay figured it would be okay to follow suit. There is nothing quite like the innocence of a three year old.

Baseball season is winding down. Grants last game was on Saturday. Taylor starts tournament play on Wednesday. So far, so good. Normal disagreements. Nothing too severe. So all in all, were starting off summer break on the right foot!

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