Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy

Sorry for the late posting, but as you can see by the heading, we have been busy! This week again, is no exception.

This fun little dish was inspired by spring and light flavors.

Spring linguine with ricotta and lemon

We started the garden. Kyle stayed home Monday to take off the sod and start the frame. He is now done and we are supposed to have dirt delivered Thursday morning. However....Mother Nature has decided it is going to rain for the next few days. Come on, enough already. Anybody need sod? Real cheap.

We went to the Cubs game Monday night. Our friends son sang the National Anthem. We had a great time and Jordan did very well. The Cubbies played terrible, but the boys thought it was a great game because the coach of the Cubs got ejected. (Over a good call I might add!)

Got some flowers planted, despite McKay's help. I think she threw a whole pot of soil on the driveway and it blew away. Luckily her friend from next door came over to entertain her for a few moments.

We were supposed to have family pictures from fantastic photographer Erica, but I had a dermatologist appointment that morning and the Dr. decided to take a little "thing" off my face for Biopsy. Not too concerned, it has been there awhile. So now we will have to wait until September for her to work some magic. She is moving to California but luckily coming back to visit and appointments. If any of you are near her, call her and set up appointments. She is great. I think she also does sessions in Utah when she is home visiting family as well. For the next four days I get to wears this summers new "hottest" accessory. I am such a trendsetter!

Rest of the week? Game and Scouts tonight, Volunteer at school tomorrow, Game and Practice tomorrow night, Dinner group Friday (Yea Dos Rios!), Mileage this week 5, 6, 4, and 9, LL Pancake Breakfast, two baseball games, birthday party, Cubs game on Saturday...hmmm, what else? Oh, laundry, grind wheat, make bread, get dirt in garden, plant garden, Mother's Day gifts sent, and so on.

I just have to keep singing "There is Sunshine in My Soul Today" and it will keep me going. Or, I could take a more sinister approach and just play some Eminem throughout the house. :-)

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