Sunday, March 29, 2009

Winter Reminder

Mother Nature reminded us again this week that she has bi-polar disorder. From 70 degree temperatures during Spring Break to 30 degree temperatures this week it seems as if winter needs to show itself one more time. My trees and perennials are starting to bloom so that means we are due for another freeze...just in time to kill all the new buds!

I registered for the Dam to Dam this week. My friend Colleen and I are going to run it together. It is a 20K race so it should be a good test to see how I am doing on my marathon training schedule. But if the weather doesn't start getting nice I probably won't be as prepared as I think I am. Running on a treadmill isn't the same as running outdoors. I am a "cold" wimp, so unless the temps are above 50 I don't want to run outside. Although, I might have give in a bit because the long runs (6 plus miles) are getting pretty darn boring. At least in a gym I would have people to look my basement it is always the same thing. Running goal in progress.

This week the boys started baseball practice. Taylor is in his first year of kid pitch and is very excited. Grant is in machine pitch and is looking forward to being on a team with kids that are all in his school. Pictures and movie highlights will come soon.

I love Spring but unfortunately I don't get to enjoy it much because life is even more hectic...two practices a week, games once or twice a week, Scouts for both boys, my cooking classes, PTO...I'm beginning to wonder how much more we can possibly fit in. I should try a few more things in the schedule just for kicks.

Little Miss Stealth didn't let me down this week. I was putting away groceries and found this little mess. She had grabbed a box of cheez its...she opened one package and must not have liked them because she then proceeded to open up the rest. I caught her with about 2 of the 12 bags left. What a nice little mess she made.

I just love fresh baked whole wheat bread. I grind my own wheat and use cracked wheat as well. The best piece is about 10 minutes out of the oven and lathered in salted butter. Yummy. So, yes, I am doing great on the traditional bread baking goal.

Here are a couple of pictures of McKay and Grant all ready for church this afternoon. The poor thing has hair like mine. She went to bed with curlers, had cute curly hair in the morning and by noon they were gone. The curling iron doesn't even work on her!

I hope you all have a great week. Maybe Spring will decide to drop in...and stay this time!

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  1. Cute kids in their church clothes! I'm glad to see that your youngest is as into things as my youngest! HA HA.