Sunday, January 25, 2009

So far, so good...but it's only been three weeks.

I am really quite proud of myself. So far my new years goals are being achieved. I am a bread baking machine. (Today's breads were brioche and rustic italian loaves). My running times are getting better. I am TRYING to be more patient. (I have found that walking out of the room when I get frustrated works quite well.) I am practicing my piano. I am using my cookbooks more regularly. (And the actual count to date is 117 for those who questioned that I had more than 100.) The picture is of the books I am using this month. (Nigella and Ina are rockstars!)And, yes, I am even keeping up on the laundry. for the unwritten goal. I really didn't want to put this one down on paper because I really felt that it would be a worthless attempt. I LOVE CANDY. It comes from my Grandfather who ALWAYS had some sort of candy in his home, whether it was Boston Baked Beans (TRIVIA: does anyone know what these are?) black jelly beans, Werther's, or Reese mini cups, there was always a full bowl at Grandpa's house. So my "unwritten" goal this year was to minimize the amount of candy that I eat. And because right now I know my sister in law Collie is laughing at the idea of this happening this doesn't mean I am giving up sweets completely, for I know that would be a worthless attempt. You can't really give up sweets when you buy chocolate in 22 pound bags. But I did want to give up all of the processed candies that are always in my stash. And so far so good. I haven't bought any candy this year. I did eat some for the first few days of January during our trip, but since I got home, nada. Not one 3 muskateer, or pixy stix, or nerds, or any other of the yummy "fat free" candies that I usually keep on hand. (My way of convincing myself that they were better for me!). And the best part is that I am not missing it either, which is pretty darn amazing! I have made some treats (Coconut Cake and Chocolate Souffles with Dulce de Leche) and the great thing about them is that I don't eat them as much and I only have one serving a day! Woo hoo...Celebrate good times come on!

McKay has found a new favorite spot to crash. She is past falling asleep in her closet or her trundle bed. She now falls asleep right below the kitchen sink. (There is a heater there too!) I had to laugh because my mother in laws dog used to do that and she was always in the I know how that feels. It really is not very convenient when this happens because it is always at the wrong time!

She also loves nail polish. However, she now insists on doing it herself. She gets it all over her hand and sometimes elsewhere, but why argue. Except of course when she wants to do my nails. Let's just say that I let her have her fun and then raced to get the acetone. I didn't really think pink glitter fingers would look too good in church on Sunday.

One more highlight to the last week. I thought that our GeoTrax days were over. After all the money spent I was sure that our two huge containers were going to collect dust now that the boys are older. Not so...little miss thing loves them! Grant got them out for her the other day and now she wants to play trains ALL DAY LONG! Well, at least I really am getting my monies worth!

Grant is so good with McKay. He loves to find new games to play with her. Sometimes he is a little rough but she loves it. What can I say? Despite my best efforts at forcing "girlie" things all around her, she is a tomboy through and through. Hey, at least she will be able to hold her own...right?????

I hope everyone has a good week. We are looking at a high tomorrow of a whooping 14 degrees and we may hit 30 by the end of the week. It is a heat wave y'all! Oh yeah, my sanity stayed in tact this week when I discovered the boys together...and they weren't fighting!


  1. Everytime i read your blog...i am instantly hungry! that bread looks delish--YUM!! and i love that Mckay loves to play GeoTrax. IF i ever have a girl someday--i hope that she is a tomboy too.

  2. Okay-this provided some good wholesome entertainment! I'll give you all the resolutions but the candy one. I'm betting thousands on that one. I had a good laugh over the comment about Doug. NO, hitting your kids is not enough. He's got to go for the big mama.....please don't take big literally. We had a great time with you and can't wait to see you in April. We love you!