Friday, December 12, 2008

Keeping up on the tags...

A couple of friends have tagged me and because I don't want to be a slacker, here are the responses.

The first one is from Tasha:

Crazy 8's

Tag8 Favorite TV Shows: I don't have 8. If I do find time to watch tv I will watch 1)Numbers and 2)Law & Order:SVU (donk donk)

Favorite Restaurants:1. Sage 2. Waterfront (sushi only) 3. Django 4. Trostels Dish 5.Lucca 6. Centro 7. Taco Johns (Who doesn't love Taco Tuesday!!!) 8. Wok in Motion (Not in any specific order)

8 Books You'd Recommend: 1. The Scriptures 2. The Peacegiver 3. The Forsyte Saga 4. The Count of Monte Cristo (unabridged) 5. The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire 6. Anna Karenina 7. Jane Eyre 8. The Age of Innocence 9. Larousse Gastronomique (Sorry, I had to have 9)

8 Things That Happened Yesterday:1. Cleaned 2. Finished McKay's chair rail 3. Finished addressing the Christmas cards 4. Made caramel corn 5. Took a bubble bath 6. Helped the boys make gingerbread houses 7. Made Chocolate Creme Brulee for Kyle's friend Steve 8. Taught Grant how to clean his bathroom.

8 Things To Look Forward To:1. Christmas 2. Holiday treats 3. My new formal dining room set getting here 4. My nieces wedding in the Salt Lake Temple 5. A real snow storm 6. Cooking classes starting again in January (I am going through Williams Sonoma withdrawal!) 7. Kyle's time off for the holiday 8. The boys going back to school after Christmas break. (Oh come on, you seriously can't tell me that other mothers don't think this!)

8 Things On My Wish List:1. A treadmill to add to my home gym 2. New family pictures 3. Kids that don't fight all of the time. 4. Better prices on plane tickets to fly to SLC for the wedding 5-8. I really don't have any more...

8 Things I Love About Fall:1. Bubble baths 2. Hot chocolate 3. The colors 4. The crisp air 5. Starbucks Caramel Apple Spice 6. School starts 7. Fleece 8. The fireplace going

This one is from Kara:

1. Where did you meet your husband? At a church dance

2. How long did you date? We dated for 10 months, of which 5 we were engaged

3. How long have you been married? 11 wonderful years

4. What does he do that surprises you? He still looks at me like he did when we were dating. (Yes, you can all gag now)

5. What is your favorite feature of his? Everything

6. What is his best quality? Definitely his patience...we know where our kids got their temper!

7. Does he have a nick name for you? LOVERRR..just kidding. He calls me Sweetheart.

8. What is his favorite food? ?Anything I cook.

9. What is his favorite sport? Basketball

10. When and where was your first kiss? At my house, about a month after we started dating.

11. What is your favorite thing to do as a couple? Just spend time together

12. Do you have children? Two boys (9 and 7) and a girl (2) aka "Spare Change"

13. Does he have hidden talents? He's quite the handyman despite his GQ appearance.

14. How old is he? 36

15. Who said I love you first? I don't remember

16. His favorite music? R and B...a little old school Keith Sweat anybody?

17. What do you admire most about him? Everything he does is to make me and the children happy.

18. What is his favorite color? Pink...just kidding, I really don't think he has a favorite.

19. Will he read this? I doubt it...I don't even know if he looks at the blog.


  1. Those were fun tags to read. I love finding out new things about people. When you say you love to read you meant it. Those are some intense books.

  2. I'm going to try the Caramel Apple Spice- we just discovered their Salted Caramel hot chocolate and I am definitely going to have to start logging a few more miles to make up for it!