Tuesday, December 16, 2008

He knows if you've been bad or good....

Okay, I am seriously considering putting coal in my kids stockings this year. Maybe it is that I have two boys 15 months apart...or maybe it is just because they are at a difficult age. Whatever issue they are having, they just can't seem to get along, so the last few weeks I have had more than my share of "aggressive voice negotiation".
The week started off with a bang, maybe that is why I am past my point of frustration with the boys. The following pictures are statement enough as to why a) you shouldn't have a home gym and b) mothers don't get to take showers until their husbands get home.

McKay, aka Miss Sneaky loves treats. (No surprise there! She definitely takes after my Grandfather Tippets!) The day after Taylor's birthday I am almost done busting my butt on the treadmill (Thank goodness for 80's music...who doesn't love a little Queen? "and another down and another down...another one bites the dust..yea yea yeaaaa") when McKay goes upstairs. I am thinking to myself that I only have about 10 minutes left, so she should be okay. I couldn't recall anything left on the counter from breakfast, so it should be safe. A few minutes later she comes walking down the stairs her hands cupped around something and holding it to her. Then I notice the blue frosting...Great! I jump off the treadmill and escort her upstairs and find this nice mess. Yes, there was something left on the counter. I forgot about Taylor's remaining cupcakes from his party. She had just eaten a full breakfast so I know she wasn't really that hungry. What is most hilarious, however, is that she was done with the frosting and so all that was in her hand was cupcake and she wanted to find the "gabage". Thatta girl, eat the good stuff first.

Fast forward to today. I made it through my Pilates routine (her new obsession is Frosty the Snowman so I knew I had a good hour) and figured that I should, SHOULD, be okay taking a shower. I race up stairs, enjoy 5 minutes of warmth, dress quickly and go searching for little miss thing. I couldn't find her. Then I see her red pajamas showing through the tree. She was on the opposite side tucked as far behind it as she could be. There aren't a lot of presents under the tree (now I know why) but she did manage to find and open and EAT the one that Taylor had wrapped for his Dad. There were three presents, how in the world did she know that one was candy? Seriously!! But like I always say, eat the good stuff first. As I take her into the kitchen I find that she has moved one of the chairs to the counter and taken a few treats out of a plate of goodies we received from friends last night. The one she liked was halfway eaten (at least she took it back to the table!) but the other one on the floor by the sink...which I found after I stepped on it!

So now I am drowning my frustration with chocolate-caramel sandwich cookies. (Not the accompanying port..although I might consider it after this week.)

As for the rest of the week, the kids got to see Santa at our ward party. Although Taylor is at the age where he is really questioning Santa's existence, he did make Mom happy by sitting on his lap. McKay and her friend Kate looked adorable in the same outfits. And because we were at church McKay impressed Santa with how reverent she can be. Grant made a gingerbread house, of course, McKay was there every step of the way trying to steal the candy from him. Taylor started his but got too frustrated with the royal icing. (Man, where does the kid get THAT from?)

Anyway, the beast is actually taking a nap so I am going to take a break, make some hot chocolate to dip these chocolate cookie sandwiches in and enjoy the snow falling. Yes, there is some actual snow (not ice) falling! I am sure it won't last long..oh,never mind, it has already stopped.

Have a great week everyone!


  1. Love it Ginnie! You made me laugh reading this post. Oh how true it is. When you can't even take a shower or go to the bathroom without the kids going wild--you have a problem!! How many times is this the story of my day. I'm glad you indulged in a little treat, and took the time to enjoy the magnificent creation of chocolate!

  2. Hi Ginnie. I love reading your blog, especially to learn about the latest culinary creation. Congrats on the new house. Could you please send me your e-mail address (brenmllr@yahoo.com). We're doing e-cards this year and I'd love to send you one. Merry Christmas!