Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Sunny Fun

We started the week off with a visit to Raccoon River Park on the beach. I hadn't been there before...what a great area. The beach is very clean, there is a great play area, and it wasn't overly busy. (Of course, it was a Monday!) If you can get over the dirty water, you would have a great time. I think the water probably would have looked better had there not been the flooding that we had. The kids loved it. The kids built McKay and her friend Kate a little pool in the sand. McKay obviously thought that fish should be in there, so...she dumped her whole bag of goldfish crackers in it. Yummy.

The boys also started swim lessons again this week. I think they enjoy them a little better this time around because they start later. They seem a lot more happy and aren't shivering when they get done.

Taylor's cub scout den had a family outing at the pool on Wednesday night. I would like to say that we had a great time, but it was so cold! The boys didn't mind, and neither did McKay. The lazy river was actually warmer than the pool, unfortunately McKay isn't as fond of it as she was last year. I would have taken pictures but I was too cold! I don't remember being that resilient when I was a kid. They would have stayed all night...however, McKay's lips were starting to get purple! Let's just say that my little water lover was not at all happy about leaving.

One of the young women that I taught is leaving for college so her family had a farewell BBQ. She is such an exceptional young lady. The lucky little thing is starting her college career at BYU-Hawaii. Geez, I bet we all wish we had it that rough. Earlier in the week my friend Angie and I took her so she could learn about sushi. She did really well. We didn't even start her out with cucumber rolls; she dived right into the spicy tuna!
Grant went to his first "girl" birthday party. At first I was a little skeptical, but there were other boys there so I guess that was okay. This is the girl he kind of had a crush on this year, but he said she didn't play with him very much. They had the party at a mini golf place.

Sorry for the shortage of pictures this week. I'll have more for you next week.

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  1. I love Racoon River! It's fun, and I agree, if you can get past the dirty water, it's a fun place to spend the day! Love the goldfish in the personal pond, she's got a great personality! We sure miss you guys and the good ol' ward. The recipies are a great idea, since you are such a master in the kitchen, I will give these a try! Yum Yum! I'm lovin this bloggin thing! See ya around...