Sunday, July 20, 2008

Another busy week!

This week seemed to fly by. The week started with Taylor attending Scout Day Camp. He had a blast and was especially fond of learning to shoot a BB Gun. He also got to check off some of his badge requirements! He had golf camp this week as well. He has always wanted to go golfing with Kyle so now he at least he has learned a few things about golfing. Grant's week was pretty easy. He still is missing his friend Ben, but we are trying to invite other friends. Both he and Taylor had friends spend the night Friday. I was pretty impressed that they were asleep before 1:00 a.m. I got a break with our Girl's Night Out. We watched a movie at my house. We watched Definitely, Maybe and it was pretty good.
At scout camp Taylor was part of a skit. I don't think he was overly interested in that part of it, but oh well!

As we were getting ready to go to church McKay thought she would help Grant tie his shoes. She tried really hard but isn't quite ready to finish the job!

The kids had a great time at the Waukee Farmer's Market. This week the highlight was Waukee Fire Department. They had the hoses running so the kids got to enjoy a super size sprinkler! Of course, it was great fun even though we hadn't planned to get the kids soaking wet...I think my seats are still drying!

Another one of McKay's escapades this week was sneaking some bread while I was in the shower. She managed to take use her highchair to reach the bread shelf. Although her high chair was relatively clean, there were crumbs on the floor everywhere. Does anyone have any ideas how to lock McKay? It would cost me a fortune to lock all of the doors in my house! She is very sneaky!


  1. Day camp looks so fun! You have the cutest kids. McKay looks like a little princess in every picture. I love how she is trying to tie her brothers shoe SOOO cute!

  2. Ginnie,
    I am so glad you found me. I think of you often. (anytime I make something amazing and I know you would be proud) I also think back to you and the two boys and how I am in your shoes now.....and you have girl..cute as ever. I am happy for you. I would love to keep in touch.