Sunday, June 22, 2008

Until we meet again...

The last couple of weeks have been a trying time in the Coleman household. Grant's best friend Ben is getting ready to move. At first I thought that it wouldn't be too difficult, but as the time draws near I have noticed quite a change in Grants attitude. He isn't as patient with his brother, he seems crabby after playing with Ben, and you can just tell that he is a little sad. Ben has been his playmate for the last three years. This is his last week before Ben and his family are off to Idaho. We have some fun things planned and I hope they will enjoy their time together. Who knows, maybe they will be in the MTC together some day! Good luck in Idaho Ben, you will be missed!

We started off with a farewell picnic to Ben's family with quite a few people from church. It seemed like everyone was having a good time and it got even better when the kids started a water fight. Finally, a picnic wouldn't be complete without a little boys versus girls competition on the teeter totter. Unfortunately, the girls struggled. Oh well, I think they won the water fight!

The kids also had a great time playing on the slip n slide. I was almost tempted to get my swimsuit on. Of course, growing up they didn't have the fancy slip n slides like they have now. If you were lucky enough to get to Pamida at the beginning of summer you were able to buy the plain yellow one, if not you had to use tarps held down with rocks. Boy, our kids don't know how lucky they really are.

The kids also enjoyed their library program this week. They got to learn about "dragons" or lizards. I love that the library does demonstrations like this because we can leave and don't have to worry about the boys begging to take one home. I can tell you that we already have enough frogs and toads in our windows, we don't need any more animals around our house for the time being. Taylor even caught a few tadpoles in their various stages of growth this week. If he isn't catching frogs he is swinging his bat or throwing a baseball around. Can anyone say OCD???

Finally, the week wouldn't have been complete without a trip to Principal Park to catch the Iowa Cubs in action. The Cubs are the AAA club for Chicago. Kyle's firm has great seats right behind home plate and the boys love the up close action. Although we had a rain delay, the kids still had a great time for this doubleheader. Cubs won both! Go Cubs!

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