Saturday, December 28, 2013

Fun in the snow!

The day after Christmas (post on that coming soon I promise!) we decided to take the kids sledding to a local golf course.  I am sure glad we went when we did as it looks to be around 50 degrees today in Des Moines today so I not sure there will be much snow left!  Then it will be 6 degrees tomorrow.  What the what????

Beautiful sun that day...

Because really, how hard is it to stay on the sled?

Hinckley quickly figured out that by covering his eyes his face wouldn't get full of snow!

Catching some SERIOUS air!

And the award for most wrecks goes to...

No fear!

Sledding is fun when you don't have to walk back up the hill.

What family outing would be complete without fighting...*sigh*

The 30 seconds of the day when they all got along.


I think I can...

and I did. (Maybe the photographer should have been yelling for him to stop so he didn't get hurt instead of waiting for the perfect photo op!)

SOOC.  Perfect end to a fun day!

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