Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Beggars Night...Scratch that, HALLOWEEN!

Waukee has this interesting tradition called Beggar's Night.  EVERY year they hold trick or treating the night before Halloween.  Something about crime, etc.  Anyway,  I had tickets for Wicked on the 31st.  Well, it just so happens that "crime" isn't as important as a home football game.  The HS team is in playoff mode and their first game was the 30th so the city council elected to change Beggar's Night to the 31st!  Halloween on Halloween?  NO WAY?!  

Anyway, McKay had to go with a friend and Grant took Hinckley.  I did manage to snap a few pictures of them on their way!

And yes,Wicked was amazing as always!  The young lady playing Elphaba was outstanding!!

My little Queen Bee.  Clearance at Target last year for $1.50...Bam!

My hulk.  The ONLY of his Avenger's costumes that is still in tact.  He wears the others so much that they are pretty much threads!

The next day McKay had her "Fall Harvest" party at school and I was able to help out.  Nothing like filling them full of even more sugar and then sending them home!

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