Tuesday, July 9, 2013


It has been a busy month and to be honest I am kind of glad...although I am sure that before too long I will be going through travel withdrawal.

Last week I went to Toronto.  I have been to Vancouver before, but not this side of the country.  Let's just say that Toronto is an interesting city.  Usually there is something unique about a city, whether it is the architecture, history, surroundings, etc.  Toronto, as lovely as it was, seems to be a cut and paste kind of city.  There are so MANY differences that it really is hard to pinpoint a specific theme.  It's situated on the shore of Lake Ontario, and the surrounding shoreline, albeit under reconstruction, is beautiful.  What stood out the most was the crazy amount of construction projects going on.  Seriously.  I started to wonder if there was any building in the skyline that didn't have a crane attached to it.  They say that the population sits around 2.6 million but it certainly didn't feel like it!

Here are a few pictures from my trip...

The CN Tower

Views from the top of the CN Tower...
Toronto Islands

Evening Skyline

Looking through the glass

Niagara Falls

Yacht Club on Toronto Islands

Ships on the Lake

You can see more pictures on my photo website, ginniecolemanphotography.com.

Also, my food reviews, are on organicallypaleo.blogspot.com.

I'd recommend a visit to Toronto.  It was fun and it would be a great place for a little mini vacation!

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