Saturday, September 1, 2012

Finally found one

Many of you know that I complain once in a while about Hinckley's aversion to television.  Before some of you go all balistic on me about media it's effects on kids, I KNOW.  My older three children have media limits so I am very aware about how much they are watching, playing, etc.  But as a Mom of a busy 2 year old, sometimes, SOMETIMES, it is nice to have a little break.  Hinckley has shown no interest in tv.  Zero.  Zilch.  The shows I thought he might enjoy he could care less about.  I recently rented the Muppets for McKay and while we had it he seemed to enjoy it, at least the music anyway.  The other day we were driving around and he kept asking for the Muppets (out of the blue).  And he kept asking.  And asking.  So finally, being the first rate Mom that I am, we headed to Costco.  Who didn't have it.  Then to Target.  Who again, didn't have it.  (In the background of your mind start repeating Muppets like a toddler who is increasingly getting frustrated).  Off to Mr. Movies I went and as luck would have it, they had it!  Score.

Anyway, Hinckley watched it that day.  Or at at least watched it when the singing parts were on.  And you probably have already guessed that I am searching for the soundtrack as we speak.

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