Wednesday, September 26, 2012


I am having a difficult time picking out my favorite pictures.  I took around 1400 so it is a little challenging.  Be prepared...

Food or sights first?  Well, it is me, so we're going with food!  I had to redo this post because I originally had all my pictures of food on here, and even though there were one or two I wasn't overly impressed with, I felt it better to limit the numbers a bit.  So here are my favorites...

Traditional English Tea

Fish and Chips...out of this world crazy good.

Chocolate Fondant with Caramel Ice Cream.  Had this twice because it was SO good.

Grilled Chicken with Camembert Cheese and Cranberry Relish.  Oh.  My.  Goodness.

Raspberry Filled Cream Cake

Shrimp in a garlic sauce

Roasted Butternut with Brie and Goat Cheese.  Um, no words for how good this is.  So good that I made it for the Youth Etiquette Dinner I cooked two days after coming back!

Rocket (Arugula) and Strawberry Salad with Lime Vinaigrette and Shaved Foie Gras.  Can't ever go wrong with a little duck or goose liver I say.

Grilled Duck Breast with Strawberry Sauce and Sweet Potato Mash

Tiramisu that rocked my world.

The best Tapas experience I had.  No menu, just tell them if you are okay with fish and they bring you out some.  The red sweet peppers you see on the left were amazing and so were the sardines in vinegar.  I am drooling just remembering this meal.

Spanish Hot Chocolate and Churros.  Only a REAL chocoholic can appreciate this!

Grilled Artichokes with Iberian Ham.  Again, WOW.

Fried Shrimp with Jalapeno Rosemary Sauce. 

Pizza in Spain?  Heck yes.  Truffle, Leek, Mozzarella and Egg.  Again, no words.  Or maybe a couple.  Freaking Awesome.

Catalan Bread with Iberian ham...the traditional bread in Catalonia is roasted with oil and then rubbed with tomato.  So good.

Paella, that again, rocked my world.

Cheese carpaccio with dill sauce.  Simply sublime.

Seared Tuna with Four Sauces:  Cauliflower Lime, Sweet Potato, Beet Strawberry, and Mango Chutney.  Again, no words.

Catalan Creme with bananas and rum.  Yep, delicious.

The food was great.  We ate at quite a few nice places that I didn't feel a picture was appropriate, but they were superb as well.  Paying for a good meal, even if it is one time in your life, is worth it.  An experience you won't forget.  And don't ever think that food isn't worth it.  It is.

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