Sunday, July 29, 2012

Beautiful Place

My Mom came and visited us and we thought we would take her on a little tour to Nauvoo.  The kids have not been yet, and since Kyle won't take time off of work unless we are actually GONE, we thought it would be a great time to go.

We first went to Dubuque, which we love.  Staying at the Hotel Julien and a visit to Catfish Charlie's are a must.  Order the catfish or fish and chips and onion rings.  You can't go wrong.  

Next up was a trip along the Mississippi to Nauvoo.  It really is a beautiful drive for the most part, and I am sure it would be breathtaking in the fall.

The Nauvoo temple.

Statues of Joseph and Hyrum Smith on their last ride to Carthage Jail before they are killed in cold blood by mobs.

One of my favorite sculptures in the Women's garden, a mother with her children.

The Christus.  There is another large sculpture at Temple Square in Salt Lake City.

The beautiful temple stands in the original place the first temple was built.  

Beautiful flowers and greenery along the Mississippi.

The time I felt the presence of the Spirit the most was during the early morning hours after a run down to the Joseph Smith Historical sites.  There were no tourists around and it was serene and reflective.  I can't even begin to grasp the difficulties and challenges the early Saints faced as they were forced to flee from one place to another.  Their work in Nauvoo brought forth a beautiful city with hopes of peace.  Their hard work was left in the blink of eye and they continued on their journey toward religious freedom.  I took time to walk around their home, their graves and pondered what it would mean to give my life in pursuit of the ability to worship God freely as our founding fathers had intended.  I found solace despite the many crimes committed against many of the Saints that the Lord's work will go forth even in the depths of tragedy.  Their death did not end the work but instead allowed it to flourish.

Our hosts for our carriage ride...Dan and Doc.

The statue of Joseph and Hyrum outside of Carthage.  

The original door showing the holes from the bullets as Hyrum was shot and killed first, then Joseph.

Outside the window Joseph fell out of on his way to death.  For those vicious men it wasn't enough, they continued to shoot him after he was dead on the ground.  This is a very reflective place to visit.  How many of us would willingly die for what we knew to be true.  Would you?  Would I?  We know Joseph and Hyrum did.

Taylor trying his hand at some pioneer games.

More pioneer games.

The Nauvoo temple at night.  

Hinckley and McKay are enjoying being pulled in a handcart.

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