Sunday, May 6, 2012

I bleed pinstripe.

On Thursday we took the boys down to KC to watch the Yankees take on the Royals.  I hope I don't need to remind you, but in case I do, I am a die hard Yankees fan.  Growing up I was pretty positive I was going to marry Mr. Baseball, Don Mattingly.  Well, that didn't work out, but the Yankees are my team and my family has followed suit.  Normally I wouldn't take pictures, but the boys asked me to.  Maybe I can do a fun collage for their walls for something, but for your pleasure, here is Yankee picture overload.  Some were taken by me, but I let the boys take a lot as well.  We were behind their dugout again and loved being so close to the action.  Too bad they stinking lost.

The REAL highlight of the night.  Witnessing the large crowds stop and pause for the singing of the National Anthem.  It was very touching.  Everyone stopped, most hats were taken off and it was great to see that people appreciate the Anthem.

Mr. Jeter.  Still in awe that despite two rough years this guy has been hitting close to .400.  At my age.  After 17 years.  W.O.W.


Grants favorite, A-Rod.

On a funny side note, Grant had a game Friday evening and I noticed that he changed from wearing his pants down to up just like Rodriguez.  


Granderson again.


Kaufmann Stadium is beautiful.  I love the fountains and the design.  Definitely a great ballpark to take in a game.

Jeter again.

Gotta LOVE the fan who knows more than the umpires.  And the poor guy had his child with him too.  How embarrassing.  

A-Rod again...

...not enjoying a particular call.  To his credit, it was a low pitch.

One of the big guns, CC.  Sad he pitched on Friday.  And he is kicking butt too.

DL Gardiner.  A lot of missing players tonight.

Mo came out of hiding and we caught a glimpse of him the latter part of the game.  So sad.  But so happy that he will not allow his legacy to end on an injury.  Just in case you all don't know already, but BEST.  CLOSER.  IN.  THE.  GAME.  EVER.

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  1. Great pictures, I am so glad you were able to GO! great memories made!