Monday, March 26, 2012


Kyle and I decided to take the kids over to Omaha for a couple of days to visit the zoo and, more importantly, eat.  This trip, with kids in tow, we opted to not visit our usual Flatiron Cafe and we went with no other than a few triple d, otherwise known as Diner's, Drive-In's and Dives spots.

Here is the run down...

Had a lot of fun climbing on statues...some beautiful animals (which, on a side note, the black cat is a jaguar and the other, a puma {or mountain lion}, while sleek and beautiful, is dangerous and will stalk you and maybe kill you.  DANGEROUS people, dangerous!!)  Little Hinckley had a lot of fun playing with the bobcat (machinery, that is) and pointing to the plane in the sky.  But he did enjoy the tigers and the waterfall.

The food...

We started off at Brewburgers...known for their "Old Fashioned", which is a brisket on Jewish rye bread with mustard, I was quite disappointed they were sold out.  But no tears, their menu still had plenty to choose from.

The garlic Parmesan frites were special!  SO delicious.  Fresh cut fries, slathered in pressed garlic and Parmesan.  The fries were crisp and cooked to perfection.  The only flaw was not letting the fries drain for a little longer period of time.  After you ate down the pile (which took a whole three minutes) you could see a little pool of oil.

Kyle opted for the heart attack on a plate, er, I mean, the Cheesy Sacramento.  Good beef, toasted roll, and a touch of cheese.  He said you could tell the beef was good, and with us grass fed, organic beef people that is a huge plus!

I chose the Blue Jay burger, which was infused with portabello and then topped with Gorgonzola and onion rings.  (Do you like the steamed vegetable side to offset the burger?  Yep, that is how I think.  Healthy mixed with unhealthy evens it all out).  My burger was cooked perfectly medium rare, with the bits of portabello shining through.  They were evident and a delicious addition.  The Gorgonzola was melted only from the heat of the burger so it didn't break down (great thinking chef) and the rings were crisp and sweet.  This was delicious.

Next stop...11 Worth Cafe

Looks like a dive, but man do they know breakfast.  The menu is massive, as are the omelets.  I am disappointed I forgot to get a picture of Kyle's Philly omelet.  It literally was the length of my forearm, I kid you not.  While they will not be known for their gourmet approach, they do cook from scratch, meaning no bottled eggs here.  I chose the Robert E. Lee, which is a traditional biscuits and gravy (choice of plain or sausage) with sausage nestled in between the biscuit and a side of hash browns with toast.  They know their b and g and they know their browns.  The biscuit was light and fluffy but perfectly dense to hold up the sausage (only way to go) gravy.  The hash browns were crisp and tender.  Order this!

Final destination...California Tacos and More

For all of you DM'ers this is similar to Tasty Tacos.  A puffy flour taco stuffed with your choice of filling.  I opted for their fish and it was perfectly cooked with nice cumin and pepper seasoning.  We also ordered the flour nachos (another TT favorite of ours) and liked their take of a more crispy nacho but the cheese was accompanying it was bland.  I am sure the college crowd loves this place, however, they don't have a thing on Tasty' Taco's.  The flour taco shell was way too dense and almost hard to chew and the nachos, while an interesting take, just don't taste as good as the pillowy soft ones at TT.  LONG LIVE TT!!!!!

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