Sunday, March 18, 2012

A long post...part 1

Well, yet again I have let the blog get away from me.  It has been a busy few weeks in our house now that baseball is back in full swing.  With someone having practice every night, scouts and young mens, dance, PTO meetings, Stake Primary meetings and Sunday travel assignments, unexpected dentist appointments and I am sure many other things I cannot think of at this time, it has been a little hectic to say the least.

Celebrating Mardi Gras Coleman style

This year I did a traditional King Cake...yummy!

And I tried a healthier Jambalaya, which, in my opinion, turned out quite nicely.

I started with a traditional trinity of celery, green pepper and onion.

I then added garlic and jalapeño for a little more spice.

Instead of the traditional andouille I used a chicken sausage.

I added thyme and then tomatoes.

Some long grain white rice.

And finally chicken stock.

Perfectly cooked and balanced healthy jambalaya.  It was a turn from the traditional, different flavors but still the essence.  Of course, it helped that I added a nice size helping of "Slap Yo Momma" cajun seasoning.

Warming up

At the slightest hint of a warm up, Taylor decided it was time to get the fire pit cleaned up and "ready" for smores.  Someone else decided to help him out and loved playing with the hose.

Thank goodness for more creative people than I

Who doesn't love Pinterest?  I love finding websites referencing how to do girls hair.  Much to McKay's chagrin, I have had a fun time doing her hair!

Dare I say the last snow day of the year?

The kids had a great time the last time it snowed, and based on the temperatures we have had this past week and looking into the future it is hard to imagine getting another one...although, I am sure with opening day coming up snow will magically find its way back to Iowa to cover the fields for the first game of the baseball season!

A smoothie a day...

All of my children love smoothies...Hinckley is no different.  The minute he sees the VitaMix he gets a cup out and won't stop saying "Pease" until he gets some.  My new favorite way to use leftovers is with these handy little silicone pushup containers I got on Amazon.  Who needs gogurt when you can have REAL yogurt pops.  I will definitely be purchasing more to keep my freezer stocked this summer!

Another new love

Hinckley has discovered another love.  The vacuum still ranks high on his list, but washing dishes comes a close second.

Pretty sure Daddy won't be needing this anymore, but thanks for your help!

Surprise, surprise...he found an outlet!

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