Monday, February 27, 2012

Such fun

A dear friend recently celebrated a big birthday, and because of their families friendship, I offered to make a cake.

I asked about his life and decided, based on some web ideas, to do a "Road to 40" cake.  The only thing I didn't make was the label that I stuck on the missionary tag.  (It was "syruped" onto black fondant...the lettering was just way too small!)  Every other piece was handmade and/or hand painted.  I really enjoyed making it and was especially glad that it brought a smile to his face.  That was the best part!  

A couple of notes...yes, it is off center.  It is supposed to be, because, alas, it is a road going up a hill.  Have you every seen a perfectly symmetrical mountain?  Nor have I.

The BYU was the hardest one to make.  Get the lettering close to perfect, and at such a small size, was difficult.  And I am a perfectionist, so there you go.

The four faces are for each of his children.  Their hair color and style, and their eye color.

The mission tag is in Italian, hence the cutout of the Italian flag above the tag.  The music bar, movie tag, Cub's logo and bicycle were all hand painted, with food coloring of course!

My sweet son Taylor asked why I didn't have anything about his wife in the cake and he suggested the heart with their thoughtful he is!

The cake was a traditional butter cake, density was needed due to the significant amount of fondant.  

Fondant was homemade and despite many contradictions, glycerin is a MUST!  And really, homemade fondant is a must too.  Almond extract only.

Originally I asked that no one know I made the cake, but now that the party is over, I am okay with showing it off!

I certainly didn't do it for the thought of anything in return, but this sweet couple got me a gift that I, quite frankly, don't want to take off.  I really am loving my new UGG slippers!  Thanks again friends, you truly are one in a million!


  1. Cake Wars......Here we come! It looks great and I'm sure it tasted delicious. What the heck are UGG slippers?