Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A helper...and a sneaker.

I have already told you often about Hinckley's love affair with the vacuum.  He loves his lady in red.  But he also loves the broom.  In fact, he loves anything that has to do with cleaning.  

Here he is showing me how to sweep...

He is also quite the stinker...and sneaky.  Sound familiar Marie?  I am pretty sure you had a son, whose name may or may not by Kyle, who was sneaky too.  Anyways, guess who I found in the fridge (ALREADY?  This is such a boy thing.  In the fridge...standing there...door open...just staring...) eating an apple?  Yes, an apple, whole, unpeeled.  Chomping away.  Thank goodness I buy organic!


  1. Oh yes max loves cleaning too. But he chooses those cookies. Must get him to sneak fruits. Much healthier choice. ;).

  2. oh he is just so darn cute! I often find Jonas trying to sneak stuff out when the fridge is open.