Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Anything to beat the heat

Did you all know it has been wicked hot in Des Moines?  I think I mentioned that in my earlier post, and today we are finally seeing a small reprieve.

Here is a little lesson on how to or how NOT to beat the heat...

DO:  Take a bike ride to the Waukee Ice Cream favorite?  The Salted Nut Roll Sundae.  (Ask for it without chocolate and it tastes just like a nut roll.)

DON'T:  Play baseball, in the house, with a ball that has little things sticking out of it, and hit your sister in the face while trying to hit your brother. That makes Mom mad...real mad.

DO:  Spend some time trying to put your shoes on.  Cuteness.

DON'T:  Send pictures of your fun trip to your wife.  Not fair.

DO:  Have your first lemonade stand.  It was a great lesson learned about the value of work and cost/profit analysis.  

DON'T:  Leave your baby brother inside.  He feels very left out even if it is too hot outside.  Soon he will reach that door handle...time to get chain locks put on the doors.

DO:  Spend the day at Adventureland...the new pool area is fantastic!

DO:  Spend time at the ball park...because it IS after all, the American past time!

DO:  Spend time reading...never underestimate the value of reading to your children.

DO:  Go see the I-Cubs play...and call ahead to get your kids in a few promotions.  Taylor's All-Star team had a blast when we went last week.  I had them set up for quite a few promotions and they did great!

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