Sunday, June 5, 2011

On to bigger things...

Well, the school year officially ended on Friday.  And it was Taylor's last day as an elementary student.  At Taylor's school they do a "Fifth Grade Clap Out".  It is a way for the younger kids, teachers and parents to send them off.  It is such a great last moment of being the cool kid on campus before the dive to the shark pool.

I am scared about his entry into middle school.  He is entering some pretty difficult years not only as a student, but as a person.  When I was growing up kids were mean and bullies, but I think the severity is substantially different.  Kids are just plain cruel.  I remember teasing kids, and being teased.  It is just different now.  Kids now a days break one another down...hard.  Taylor's elementary years were great.  He is starting to develop his personality and, well, for lack of a better word, weeding out the many friends he has had along the way to ones that have things in common with him.  That is change, activities changes, goals change.  But as he steps on to this new path toward bigger things I want him to be the bigger person.  I want him to remember that every person he comes in contact with is a child of God.  I want him to treat each person kindly regardless of how other friends might see that person.  I want him to respect his teachers and other parents.  I want him to understand that there are consequences, both good and bad, for each choice he makes.  I want him to see how treating people kindly is just what the Savior would want him to do.  I don't care if he is the most popular kid, the best athlete, or anything in between.

I just want him to be bigger.

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