Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A big birthday

McKay was finally able to have a little celebration for her 5th birthday.  I cannot believe it has been 5 years, but it has.

*She loves to read.  She wants to read at least five books each night before she goes to bed.  I think she got that from her Mommy.
*She loves to paint and color.  Watercolor is her favorite medium to work with.
*She is a good listener.  She will do what you ask her to and doesn't complain...yet.  
*She loves to eat fruit...I think she would eat a dozen apples a day if I would let her.
*She is energetic, smart and loving.  She is also a little mischievous, but that is what makes her so special.
*She has some of the most beautiful brown eyes I have ever seen...and gorgeous red hair.

Most of all, she is a daughter of God.  I am so grateful that He entrusted me with one of His daughters.  I pray each day that I can teach her to love Him with all of her heart.  I pray that I can teach her to be obedient, confident, and compassionate.  She is so precious that each day it melts my heart to see this little girl growing up so fast. 

Happy Birthday Punky...Mommy loves you!

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