Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Another cupcake, really?

I never really jumped on the cupcake bandwagon.  I like a good cupcake, don't get me wrong.  But stores specifically for cupcakes?  And books?  And TV shows?  Really?

I think it all started with Ina Garten.  Hands down she had the BEST cupcake at her little grocery store, Barefoot Contessa.  Yes I am talking about the coconut cupcake.  This cupcake exemplified perfection.  It was moist, soft, sweet...and the frosting.  Well, let's just leave it at  oh my.  Yes indeed, that was "the" cupcake.

Now everyone makes cupcakes, but I don't even give them chance.  Ina ruined me.  As much as I love her cupcake, it also had a lot, A LOT of calories and fat so I have been on the lookout for a more reasonably healthy one.  I think I found it.  Today I was craving my good old coconut cupcake so I started scouring my books.

I came across a raspberry cupcake that sounded pretty good.  I made two batches, raspberry and marionberry (a type of blackberry).  I have to say that I love the use of wheat flour and cake flour in this recipe.  It allows the cupcake to be light while maintaining the healthy benefits of a whole grain.  The big secret for moistness, as is with any cake recipe, is buttermilk.  This cupcake wasn't overly sweet and rich and because of the wheat I am convinced that this is more of a muffin than traditional cupcake.  Nevertheless, a great substitution for my craving, which is now satisfied.  I am glad I am taking them to a friends whom I am making dinner for or I just might be able to justify these for breakfast as well.  (Muffin, remember?)

Now on to a bolognese.

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