Monday, January 31, 2011


Here's a funny...

So, in college, I celebrated turning the big 1-9 with a cute little rose tattoo on my hip.  (Hurt like heck!)  It was vibrant red and green, and very nicely done.  I have always loved roses and orchids, but I was a little worried about the size of an orchid so I chose the rose.

WELL...time has past, four kids later and not only do I no longer have a red rose (it is actually more like skin color) but it also has a sweet stretch mark right in the center of it.  

So, since a repair is out of the question (I have heard that hurts worse then the tattoo), I figure that having a picture of some roses is a lot less invasive.

Yep, I really have a tattoo.  Sorry, no picture to accompany this post.

1 comment:

  1. Ha! You crack me up lady! I never knew about your rose. And I am SHOCKED you didn't post a pic to go along with this post.

    And yes that was TJ pizza dough that I used. SO much better than what I used before to make homemade pizzas! So thanks for the tip. And how about sushi Mon. 21?