Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I like to eat, eat, eat apples and bananas

Hinckley is really starting to enjoy his food.  We started with cereal which was a bomb.  And really, what baby enjoys eating plain rice cereal?  Then we went to bananas...and friends, they were a hit.  After our trip to the orchard Mommy decided to make apples and pears.  So today I slaved away in the kitchen (just prepping for the real work when I can applesauce, apple pie filling and apple butter) steaming apples and pears, pureeing them, and putting them into snack size baggies.  After a quick freeze of 15 minutes, the small bags are put into larger freezer bags and then bag to the freezer to be used as needed.  I usually just make the food as I need it, but this was Daddy's request for times when I am busy in the kitchen or out running Mommy time errands.  (Yes ladies, I am talking about spa time and shopping!) 

Maybe implementing more food into his day will help him sleep better...or it could be than he is still in our room.  But honestly, I am not in a big rush.  I am enjoying having him next to me because before I know it (and I know I have said this before) he will be too grown up for that.  *sigh*  Just like today, normally I am off to the gym right after everyone leaves for school, but Hinckley has a little cold and has been fussy.  He wants held.  So that is what I have done all morning.  I held him, rocked him and just cuddled with him.  And it was worth it. 

Anybody know why I can't get my pictures side by side?  It shows them side by side in the editing post section but not when it is posted.  Let me know if you do!

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  1. That applesauce is beautiful! I'm all about soaking the little ones in too. They grow up way to fast!