Thursday, October 28, 2010

I am ever grateful

Today I am thinking about gratitude.  I get frustrated.  Being a Mom is hard work.  There are days when I think that I was not cut out to be a mom.  There are days when I love my kids, but I kind of don't like them.  There are days when I think that I am going to lose my voice because I have had to yell, a lot.  And then there are days that I am just plain...worn...out.  And then I think of the simple things that I am grateful for and am reminded how blessed I am.  I am grateful for a loving husband and father to my children.  I am grateful for children who kiss me goodnight.  I am grateful for simple little things that I take for granted each day.
Like this:
I am grateful to wake up to this little smiling face each morning.

And this:

Peaceful sleeping children who melt my heart.  I still check on each of my kids each night before I go to bed to make sure they are okay.

Food to eat.  It saddens me to know that there are so many who go without a meal each day.  I know of one elementary school in our district that had a 25% increase in requests for free lunches.  I am not sure about the other schools, but it does make me wonder.  My heart aches when I think of children whose only meal will come from being at school that day.

And even this:
Kids who insist on putting back a box of food that is empty.  ("Mom, it isn't all gone!!")  Because I know one day, when the house is quiet, and my husband and I are sitting alone at the breakfast table that we will say "Remember the days when..."
I have a new challenge to myself.  How can I be more grateful?  How can I express more gratitude to my children?  How can I express gratitude to my husband?  How can I be more grateful to those around me?  It can be as simple as a kind gesture or kind word.  It can be more time on my knees when I pray to my Heavenly Father.  President James E. Faust said that "A grateful heart is the beginning of greatness".  I am not sure I can attain greatness on this earth, but I am at least going to put forth the effort. 

And yes, that is boxed cereal, and Cookie Crunch at that.  Some days it is okay to spoil the children!


  1. Very well written Ginnie. I second everything you said. That is just what I needed to hear today.