Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Yep, that's me, the heifer.

What can I say about the last two weeks?  So far we haven't had (knock on wood) any more canceled days, but we have had late starts.  In all seriousness we have not had one full week of school since the kids started back after Christmas break.

McKay and her friend Kate had some fun in the snow during our first Quarterly Primary Activity.  I really think all of the kids had a great time, but the snow time was the best.  Plus we sent them home high on sugar after having donuts and hot chocolate.

The boys have this new found love of "snuggies".  In fact, they think it is quite funny to do it to McKay, take her picture, and then laugh.  Of course, this all happens when I am not around.  Do they not realize I take the pictures off my camera and put them onto my computer?  Obviously not because, believe it or not, they tried to deny it!  I have other pictures that highlight the act, but I thought I better just show her reaction!

Oh, brotherly love.  Taylor is quite the artist.  In fact, one of these days I will take a few pictures of his serious work.  Lately, however, he has taken to drawing pictures and writing scathing letters to his brother when he is angry.  This one was too good to pass up showing everyone.  Someday they will be best friends, right?

Lastly, what do you do when you want to go sledding but it is too cold or your Mom is big to take you?


  1. Oh my heck that letter is hillarious!! You have to keep it!!

    I don't know what you're talking about when you say "heffer"'re all belly and look amazing!

    p.s. Not sure if I told you before but I love the name you's awesome!

  2. I was thinking "heifer" as in a cow before she gives birth...also known as huge!

  3. hahah....I mispelled it...yes I knew what you meant but you don't look huge to me.

  4. i was wondering what you looked like these days. Looking awesome, BTW!

  5. You look amaizing. I love the videos too cute. We miss you guys!