Thursday, December 10, 2009

Your wish is my command

We started the week off by going to "Jolly Holiday Lights". It is a big light display sponsored by businesses in town to benefit the Make a Wish Foundation.

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It snowed! And we are loving every minute of it. Of course, the whole state pretty much shuts down when we get 3 inches, but it is wonderful to see the white stuff flying. The kids school shut down yesterday and today so that has made for some fun times in the Coleman house. Sticky buns, hot chocolate, fudge, house projects, free air conditioning...oh come on, if you live in areas that have cold winters you MUST know what I am talking about!!

On Tuesday when it started snowing it was lovely. The temperature was perfect, the blowing was minimal and there were big flakes coming down. McKay woke up and was ready to go.

She was NOT going to stay inside today. So went spent hours outside until she looked like she was about ready to frost over. She still didn't want to come in, but promises of hot chocolate coerced her indoors.

Kyle stayed home as well. He has been busy doing little projects that he prefers me not to do. Let's just say I am so glad it was his mistake and not mine....because I would NEVER hear the end of it.

This is the stud finder saying "No stud here"
This is the stud finder saying "There is a stud here"

This is what happens when a stud finder can't tell the difference between a stud and a PVC pipe....hmm..wood or plastic? I can totally see how it didn't know!

Taylor is now a two digit number. He turned 10 on Wednesday and to his disappointment, it was a pretty lame day. School was cancelled, but everything was shut down so he couldn't even go out to dinner. He was going to wait until his party Friday to open his presents, but he needed a little pick me up for his "real" birthday.

The snow wasn't really BAD, it was just the blowing that came afterward. I know some of you Wyomingites are probably laughing, as do I when people are overheard calling this storm "epic" and "not this bad since 1993", but it is Iowa, and I guess to them it is bad. But in my opinion, it isn't a really storm until you can snowmobile from your house to the gas station. Oh well, we can all dream, can't we?

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  1. I love the new family pictures. So cute. My kids want to come to your house when school is out. All that fudge & hot chocolate sounds divine. I need to have Daxon write Taylor a birthday (very late) card. I have not been good at helping my children stat in touch.
    The tree is great. we went to that tree farm last year ist is so fun.. Hope all is well. Have a great day!